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My dearest of readers,



Though we may not always see eye to eye, I have set out to share the words and philosophies of life that I believe to be of great benefit.

These philosophies can be seen throughout my writings and other various forms of art. Through these outlets, and through my personal coaching sessions, my goal is simple:

To help alleviate some of the pain and suffering seen throughout our global spectrum by using the art of language and the written word.

To relate to young and old minds alike that suffer in the melancholy shadows of their hardships, and to bring joy and happiness back into the lives of the depressed—from the youth to the aged—by reminding them that no matter what situations they suffer through, and no matter the fear that attempts to hold them back, many have come before them with similar hardships only to rise up out of their darkness to face their fears and become the greats that walk the earth today.

My goal is not to create a community of followers but instead an empire of leaders that go on to spread this message of triumph until not one man, woman or child, is left burning in the absence of light in their life—until not one is trapped behind a false frame of fear.

I hope to elevate the quieted sound that calls every soul to a grand task and to silence the stealthy whispers of the fears that keep them hidden behind masks, holding them back.

My prayer is that these words speak the language of the world, easing your mind and bringing you out of every kind of misery. I pray that the language of love is found in all of our lives, and that we team up together to discover the oneness we were created as and release our inner, individualistic bravery to find the heroism that lies inside each and every one of us. And I do pray and believe that you will be able to relate to and enjoy what I share.

May the peace and blessings of the Eternal Light be upon you all.

With sincerity of heart,