I have begun to realize in my recent years that the letting go of the ego may in fact be the greatest challenge of one’s lifetime. It is a challenge that I find myself facing on a moment to moment basis, falling ill at times to its masterful trickery as I tragically defend my lowly rights and desires. However difficult the challenge, I have made it my life’s goal to tackle its selfish face and eradicate it from the soul entirely.


My drive to strive for this excellence stirs in one of my most honest desires—to follow in the walk of the noblemen before me; for I have witnessed and read of the prophets and saints that have accomplished this glorious task, and though my future may or may not hold the complete removal of the ego, it is one challenge I pray never to slacken in.

More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego.” – Albert Einstein


Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

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