I truly, with all my heart, feel as though I love each and every soul ever created. Though, at times, when my love is tested, I can find it hard to express patience and forbearance with my fellow man. It is in these times of pressure, when love is being tried, that the colors of one’s heart truly show, and I pray that mine always glows.

I try to always remember that a properly loved heart cannot hate, and so I pity the jealousy that breeds anger and resentment in the hearts of man. Perhaps, if they were loved properly, they would not hate; for it takes self-hatred to hate another. And I try to never forget that even Darth Vador saves Luke Skywalker in the end—I try to never give up on the darkest of hearts, and I try to treat everyone as a friend.

With that being said, from my heart to your heart: I love you.


Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

Love for all, hatred for none | Published Author | Female Empowerment Coach | Creator of "The Warrior of Love" Podcast