I know an angel with eyes of the changing seas;

Heart bigger than mind can conceive;

Love beyond belief.

I admire this angel as sand fills up time’s glass,

And the days of life fly by oh so fast.

I witness this angel growing into her enormous wings.

Oh! and when she takes flight,

Oh! the song she sings;

The melody she brings.

I know an angel that glows white;

An angel that carries the heaviest of lights;

Oh! what an extraordinary sight!

I see this angel lower its halo;

Humbled, it barely shows,

But only a fool’s eye would miss her glow;

Only a fool’s eye would miss the angel

The world is blessed to know.

I know an angel I have been honored to see;

I know an angel I hope you get the chance to meet,

For if not but to absorb her melody.

Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

Love for all, hatred for none | Published Author | Female Empowerment Coach | Creator of "The Warrior of Love" Podcast