I find it strange that some people are turned off by the wearing of the veil. Throughout time, the veil has been a symbol of modesty and humility, as pious women who gave up all forms of vanity wore one. Beautiful women such as Mother Teresa, as well as her predecessor, the mother of Jesus, Mary, all wore the veil (may peace be upon them all).

I see only beauty when I look upon another woman who has let go of all insecurities and vain desires, covering herself in a veil.
I, myself, have worn the veil many times in our western society after having heard of others being persecuted for choosing to wear the veil. I can tell you one thing from experience, and that is that it takes devout dedication to practice this form of humility. It is a dedication I am quite impressed with. Because really, when we listen to our inner souls, beauty really does lie in the heart and not in the vain, physical appearances of mankind.

If only all of us women spent a little less time caring what we look like—what an empowering force we would be! And how much time could we spend on more important things than looking in the mirror? Letting go of vanity–what an admirable task.



Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

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