Unconditional love is the most pure form of love. It is when you love another no matter the circumstance—no matter their flaws—with no expectation in return. In this unconditional love, you want the best for the other always and forever.

Much to my surprise, I learned what unconditional love was from observing the way dogs behave. Many dogs show love over and over again to their masters despite the ill way some owners treat them.


I see this same unconditional love manifest in the hearts of children as they continue to love their parents despite when some parents fail to show them appropriate love. It is not usually until the child grows up that they may possibly reject love and begin to detach.

Though, through these examples, I was first turned onto the concept of unconditional love, I was unable to express and feel it. I knew love, but not for everyone, and certainly not no matter what, nor under any condition. However, after I conceived my son, I realized what it meant to love no matter what.


Now, I try to imagine everyone I encounter is my son; for they are not far from him in that they, too, were once an innocent child. When I alter my mindset to this type of thinking, the unconditional love I feel for him begins to mirror itself onto the world.

All in all, no matter who you are, or how many times you fall, I love you all… unconditionally.



Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

Love for all, hatred for none | Published Author | Female Empowerment Coach | Creator of "The Warrior of Love" Podcast