Kale, Kale, Kale–that’s what we have heard for years now, and it seems the trend is not dying down. Perhaps this is for good reason as it is extremely high in nutritional value.

Maybe this is your first time hearing of its importance and you have yet to experience the magic of kale, or maybe you are a seasoned veteran who won’t make a salad without a little, finding almost every morning juice to include this super food. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the benefits this unique plant can have on the body.

I like to eat seasonally, and when in season, though you can find it all year round, I like to add it to my morning juices, or balance out a spinach salad by mixing a little kale in. I have noticed unbelievable levels of energy since jumping on the juicing train several years ago, and have especially seen the benefits in this super food.


My once obsession and dependency on morning coffee is a long thing of the past, as an organic juice delivers, in my experience, a much stronger result with no crash. It is the magic of kale!

But like everything in life, this super food can be abused and over used. Studies have linked the excess use of kale in the diet to thyroid problems. So just as anything good for you should be used, use in moderation. A complete balance and change in variety is what life is all about!


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Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

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