I think about Father’s Day and what it means to be a father–what it means to be a father not by name but by practice. Anyone can easily be a father–anyone can easily be called a father, but to truly be a father in the true sense of it is completely different.

A true father is one who betters himself and leads by example, teaches kindness and compassion through his own actions. A true father stands up for what is right, and in doing so, his children follow suit. A true father is humble and wise in his demeanor, and loving and caring in his actions. A true father excels in patience and forbearance, and craddles himself in honesty and humility, admitting his faults and failures, and bettering himself all the while.


I think about all these excellences a true father displays, and I cannot help but be in awe at this type of man, for he is a leader and an examplary human being. Happy Father’s Day to all the true father’s that strive in the cause of good, may God make us all model your example!


And may all of us mother’s practice the same, for what better a Father’s Day present than to bring up your husband’s child in a way that leads the child to success and happiness. A hard task, but a possible one!


Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

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  1. I love this and my wish is the same as yours. May we all be positive examples to the little ones in our care. They are our future!

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