“One man can change the world”

Or so it is said…

I think we have seen the power of this phrase through out our history. One man of might and power corrupting the earth, but so have we seen his noble opponent: one man of greatness and strength that spreads messages of peace that go on to triumph the forementioned.

Certainly one man can make a significant change in the earth–in our world at large. But certainly just as one man can change the earth, so can many men, together. I once heard someone say something around the lines of

‘If the great, great grandma of Jesus had known what would become of her bloodline, would she have felt a life without purpose?’

I thought this a very wise statement, as we do not know what little effects we are having on the world that will trickle down for generations to come. It’s no doubt that every action of ours has a reaction: the law of cause and effect.

So I guess it is not a question of whether or not we will change the earth, it is a question of whether or not our actions will change the world for the better?

Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

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