I have discovered in life that there are two paths, though one may take different roads to get on these paths. There is a path of great distress and a path of least resistance.

The first mentioned is that of a crooked path: one that does not allow the walker to move forward except with great difficulty cradled by silent misery (and sometimes not so silent); for the first path is the path of the sufferer.

The second path, on the other hand, is that of a straight path: a path that allows the mover to move about with ease despite all the challenges and obstacles of life, for the second path is the path of the wise man.


The wise man never suffers through his trials, for he understands the way of life, while the sufferer lives in his misery. The sufferer may say a thing like,

‘Woe to the world for it has cursed my step, and everything bad always happens to me.’

Whereas the wise man may say a thing like,

‘It is the will of God and His way with the world.’

It is too often that I notice the sufferer sometimes believes he has suffered worse than any other, yet how funny it is that I find the wise man to have experienced greater hardships with much less difficulty than the sufferer.

I have also noticed that many a people find their way on to both of these paths at various moments in their life, sometimes suffering, and sometimes overcoming hurdles with great mental strength.


But, I wonder how brilliant a life one would have if they were to stray from the crooked way and stay on the straight path? If despite the obstacles they face, they held onto persistence. I suppose that would be the ultimate task: to take the path of lease resistance.

Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

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