The Purpose of Social Media

Throughout the era of Social Media, I have struggled on and off with whether or not I wanted to participate in this very popular trend. 

I truthfully believe that Social Media has very positive aspects to it, as it brings people from all around the globe together. It connects loved ones to one another when they are cities away, and it has a way of keeping social justice, also.

However, just as it has this honest purpose, so has it a counter effect on society. I see too many a Social Media page that is used for vain purposes–exploiting ones physical beauties for the world to look upon in unhealthy manners.

Once, I thought my Social Media was being used for good, as I thought using it could inspire others to live a healthy and happy life as I try my best to do, but then I thought is this really what it is doing? Are the pictures I display of my physical beauty doing more good, or are the adorable attributes of my child, and my family unit at large causing more harm?

I started to think perhaps they are doing more harm than good, for what happens when young women (or old), for that matter, look upon my page and believe that happiness comes from physical beauties, or they begin to grow in jealousy and enmity for what I have, as though I have attained something greater than them?

And what if a mother who hasn’t any kids, or cannot have kids, or has lost a child looks upon my page–will it look as though I am being insensitive to her emotions? Will she feel even sadder upon seeing my life?

And what happens if people start to believe that what you have and what you look like causes happiness?

I wanted to share this post to explain why I have changed the way I use my Social Media page–I changed it because I no longer wish to do anything without purpose or in vain.

Below is an excerpt from one of my last and most recent posts. I wanted to share this with all those who follow my page, and all those who continue on this journey with me to a new found wisdom and better understanding.

I also did not feel comfortable parting with my page without giving a proper explanation of my mindset. This will be the last I post on my previous Instagram page, for I do not think I was being true to the nature of my character, nor honest and helpful to the people who viewed my posts.

Always remember: Happiness comes from within–nothing that someone else has, nor anything you do to your outer body will be the answer to true peace and contentment.

Love what you have, even if at times it feels as though you have nothing. Know you are beautiful in every way you were created, from every shape and form you were molded into. Evolve to your potential, whatever that means to you personally, and rise above to love. 💗

🙏🏽💫 May peace be with you all in every step of your beautifully, unique lives💫🙏🏽