I think you got to wake up everyday believing you can be something greater than you were yesterday.

That you got to compete, struggle, and proceed to be more than what you had hoped to become, reach higher than you thought you could ever jump, and hit a target that is unimaginable.

I think you have to say yes when everyone says no, say I got this when people try to tell you that you don’t.

I think you have to work to achieve greatness–work to believe in something higher than yourself and never give up.

You only face defeat when it becomes the mindset you believe. I think if you want more, you have to become more. Make a great change and you will see that change.

Wishful thinking is a waste of time, but believing, seeing and achieving is a recipe for success.

Give it your best, and if you miss your target, then give it your better.

Live and love today as if you will be born again for forever. Let your actions make ripples in the earth that spread and expand for generations to come.

But above all, I think you have to pray, adopt faith, and find contentment in the process and the journey you are on, because in the end, we are only able to do what God enables us to.

You are greatness waiting to take flight, don’t give up, live your life!



Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

Love for all, hatred for none | Published Author | Female Empowerment Coach | Creator of "The Warrior of Love" Podcast