The Return of the Caveman Days

Most of us have heard the phrases, “Knowledge is power,” “Divide and conquer,”  and “History repeats itself,” and most of us see the reality of these phrases tearing our current world apart. Still, there are some of us who do not realize how crucial knowledge and education truly is. Some of us do not realize how dangerous false information and the lack of education really is. 

When we fail to properly learn from historical events and fail to equate our current world with the past world–fail to equate our current state of affairs with empires that have crumbled and people who have suffered severely in the past, we fall prey to sitting aside while “history repeats itself.” We fall prey to ignoring and accepting the “hate speeches” of our leaders today, we fall prey to “divide and conquer”–a war tactic that is tearing not only our countries apart, but our world apart.

Some say “ignorance is bliss”–but let it be known, ignorance is not bliss. It may seem like it is for a short while, but keeping the masses ignorant, dividing them up through this ignorance, and then conquering them is “history repeating itself.” It is what, whether or not we want to believe it, is happening in our modern world.

If we take a look at the past, the ignorant suffer just as much as their ignorant brothers, spread out in different regions, from all different races. When families are ripped apart, innocent people are horrifically murdered, and war enters onto the very doorstep you thought you were secure behind, ignorance no longer feels like bliss.

Hate and anger, and the readiness to kill anyone that does not share the same beliefs or look the same way is the lowest form of thought. Actually, I am not sure if there is much thought at all behind these actions but quick, irrational reactions.

Watching our present world has become like watching a bunch of drunken imbeciles in a huge bar fight throwing beer bottles at one another, and everyone standing around has to suffer the attack of the debris of glass.

Except this is not a scene from a fictional movie, the bar fight is very real, and between world leaders with highly unstable mindsets–much worse than drunken men–and instead of glass bottles, they are carrying bombs and nuclear explosives. Everyone in their line of fire suffers, and the entire world will suffer far worse if, God forbid, nuclear war is waged.

Yet, still, some of us adopt this madman mindset and run around our own hometowns saying, ‘Kill them all!’ It seems like this ignorant caveman way of putting out a fire by throwing more fire needs to come to an end, but how can it if the people do not cure themselves of this “trigger happy” mindset?

As a concerned citizen of the world, we need to stop all forms of radical thinking within ourselves. We need to adopt peace and love for all of mankind, and by doing so we can adopt the honorable attribute of forgiveness. We need to learn to understand other people’s views, and respect their right to be different from ourselves.

We need to come to a mutual agreement to treat one another with kindness and compassion–to treat one another justly. We cannot be quick to fight and kill one another. This is the animalistic way of the caveman days. Instead, we must rise above to educate.