If I had it my way, we would all go on to love one another and serve each other greater than a mother serves her child.

That instead of dividing and hiding–lying and dying–we would come together and heal one another by smiling and listening–forgiving and healing–loving and giving; for I truly believe that all of mankind was created to love and serve each other to the best of our ability, and that at the root of every soul is a pure essence.

I truly believe that this world of ours is hurting from the damage we have caused one another because of the damage another caused to us, but if we were to heal ourselves–heal each other by loving one another–we could become the oneness we were created to be. I truly believe we could all become whole.

‘Oh, if I only had my way,’ she prayed.

Posted by:Laila Ann Johnson

Love for all, hatred for none | Published Author | Female Empowerment Coach | Creator of "The Warrior of Love" Podcast