The Separation of Right from Wrong

All over the world terrorists are killing Muslims too, and the innocent Muslims of these countries are suffering. Innocent Muslim Americans died in the September 11th attack as well as many attacks that are committed by radical terrorists everyday in the Middle East and other areas of the world.

Muslims are fighting all over the world in various ways to stop these terrorists whether that be in the civil war we see going on in the Middle East, the Muslims that are constantly speaking out against terrorists, or the Muslims serving in American and European militaries to protect their homelands. They are all trying to rid terrorists from their countries and places of worship.

To group them in with the oppressor is like grouping in all Christians of the church, if they teamed up together to stop the pedophiles that have infiltrated their places of worship, and instead of allowing them this right, you accuse them all of being sick human beings that secretly believe in this beyond corrupt behavior. Or it is like equating all Christians with the radical acts of the KKK. To do this is completely ignorant and wrong.

There is no room for any evil in any house of worship whether it be of any faith, for the people of all faiths deserve to remove any illness and disgusting ways of life that have made their way into their places of worship; and we, as people of the earth should assist one another in spreading kind and noble teachings in order to heal wrongful beliefs.

We should work together to remove oppressors instead of separating and blaming the oppressed for the oppressors actions–instead of blaming an entire people for the wrongful acts of a select few.

Terrorists of all forms are a threat to all people. If we want to stop them, we must all work as a team and spread love and peace to our fellow beings.