Heaven on Earth

I was pondering over the concept of Heaven on Earth–the concept of discovering paradise in this very life and what it means.

It seems that it is something most people are striving for whether they acknowledge it or not–whether they notice they are or not.

For if the concept of Heaven and Paradise is a placid state cradled in peace and contentment–a place where all that the soul desires is granted, then I do believe many people are unknowingly seeking this.

I do believe that many people are in search for this eternal happiness and bliss in this very life–I believe that many people are searching for Heaven on Earth.

I also do believe that many people are going about looking for this peace–this happiness that presents one with an unending fulfillment–in various, destructive ways.

Some people try to find it in material gains by struggling to attain financial prosperity, and even after achieving this, struggling for more, never feeling content.

Some people turn to alcohol and other drugs and substances to find fulfillment, their minds finding quietude without worry under the influence before sobering to find the opposite still awaiting them.

Some people turn to excessive eating or other addictions like excessive television or video games, or whatever other escape method used to try to create a happier environment–finding a temporary paradise in their choice of addiction. But all of these exterior choices fail them, as they promise a paradise that quickly turns into a hell.

Unhappiness, anxiousness, restlessness, bitterness, unfulfillment, despair, and the constant need for more seems to be the Hell that many people are living in on this very earth as they fall prey to the false promises of these worldly gains.

However, I do believe full-heartedly that Heaven on Earth exists, but it does not exist out there, as in outside of you. I do not believe any worldly things you strive to attain will bring a true Paradise, for all things come and go.

I do believe that Paradise is a state of mind, and that it is only there that one will find their Heaven on Earth.

I believe all of this because I have experienced this state of Heaven on Earth, and I have also experienced this state of Hell. Only when I gave up the life of this world, did I find a peace of mind. Only then did I find Heaven on Earth.

Positive comments please :)

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