It took me a little while to start this article, as I have been contemplating how I would address this issue in a gentle way. I would never want to offend anyone who has modified their body or wears make-up on the regular, nor do I want to come off as though I am saying the wearing of make-up is something wrong.

To get dressed up or to put make-up upon one’s face is a common practice seen in our society, something that I can remember doing since childhood. Playing dress up with my sisters and painting each other’s faces was something I highly enjoyed.

I still enjoy getting dressed up for my husband before he gets home from work, or on special nights and occasions. I do not think there is anything wrong with this. What brings my attention to this subject is my concern with the over emphasis on physical appearance in our society today.

My concern is that many young girls and women of all ages spend too much time obsessing over their physical appearance as though they are not worthy individuals that deserve to be recognized for so much more than their physical appearance.

How many hours a day get wasted obsessing over ways to beautify one’s outer image? How much money gets spent in the pursuit of beautifying one’s outer image?

As someone who has been considered by society as being ‘born beautiful,’ it has always been a difficult thing for me to meet young girls and watch as they awe at my face, making comments about my outer appearance. It is like I could see them looking at me like ‘if only I could be like you.’ But why?

As I mentioned on an Instagram post, it takes no skill to be born ‘pretty,’ nor does being born ‘pretty’ serve any importance when it comes to what really matters in life. It hurts me to see that physical beauty is something we look up to.

Why do we not look up to beautiful behaviors and qualities an individual possesses?  Why do we not look up to a beautiful heart that loves and gives, that spreads happiness and joy to individuals verses a beautiful face?

I think it is sad that a woman in our present society can often times be found feeling more embarrassed about the way she looks without make-up on or wearing a particular outfit over who she is as a human being. Should we not feel more embarrassed if we bully or treat another person with disrespect verses being embarrassed that we are not keeping up with popular trends?

It takes no skill to be born beautiful. What takes skill and effort is to evolve to be a loving individual with a beautiful soul and kind heart despite exterior circumstances.

With that being said, I think that women are incredibly created to be so much more than just a pretty face or a hot body. I think that women have minds that are brilliant and hearts that are magnificent, and I think that these areas need more attention. I believe this full heartedly:

There is so much more to a woman than her face and her body.

It saddens me that some people contemplate suicide over their distaste with the features they were born with. I think that this problem exists because of the emphasis on physical beauty over who you are as an individual—how you think, love, live—how you contribute to and benefit our society and our world at large.

There are so many intricacies that make up the human individual. To lay so much emphasis on physical beauty is a shame and an extreme disservice to the female species that deserves to be represented by so much more.

So get dressed up and put makeup on your face for a particular event, or for your spouse if that is what pleases you, but remember: you are so much more than just a face and a body, and if you do not fit into the ‘model’ norm when it comes to physical appearance, who cares. You were created more beautiful than you can ever imagine.

Turn away from the mirror. Focus on more important qualities. You are an incredible individual who deserves to know the truth about who you are, and you deserve to live an evolved life that rises above vanity.

Not everyone is evolved enough to see you the way you are meant to be seen—to see you as the beauty that you already are. You cannot change the people around, but you can start by evolving your own mind and the way you look at yourself—the way you think about yourself.

Rise above insecurities, see yourself for your true beauty, and the world will begin to change with you. No makeup and zero additives necessary—you are already beautiful.