The Separation of Right from Wrong

All over the world terrorists are killing Muslims too, and the innocent Muslims of these countries are suffering. Innocent Muslim Americans died in the September 11th attack as well as many attacks that are committed by radical terrorists everyday in the Middle East and other areas of the world. Continue reading “The Separation of Right from Wrong”

A Call to my ‘so-called’ Muslim Brethren

So-called Muslims

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim. (Translation: I begin in the name of Allah, the Most-Gracious, the Most-Merciful)

“Assalamu alaikum”—also known as “peace be upon you”—the Islamic greeting enjoined upon every muslim as a way of greeting his fellow man, but you already know that.

Yet, I am very confused, how can your words give a greeting of peace but your actions prove otherwise as you cause nothing aside from chaos and destruction to mankind?  Continue reading “A Call to my ‘so-called’ Muslim Brethren”