Laila Ann Johnson is a Certified Strategic Interventionist specializing in Female Empowerment, multi-time published author, and the creator and host of the popular podcast “The Warrior of Love”

If you are a female searching for solutions to overcome current sufferings, from financial constraints to relationship troubles, from emotional traumas to hardships with health, or if you are simply looking to better any area of your life, you have come to the exact place you need to be.

I truly believe that you are a special individual with a unique purpose, and that you are here for a reason. I am so pleased to have this opportunity to assist you in reaching your ultimate form of female empowerment, and I look forward to speaking further.


Frequently asked questions:

Where can I purchase your books?

You can find a link for my books by clicking the “Shop” link on my website, or you can go directly to amazon.com to get your copy. 

Where can I listen to your your podcast “The Warrior of Love”?

You can find my podcast on iTunes or iheartradio. I also upload my most recent podcasts to my websites so be sure to follow my website for email updates to keep in the loop.

What is a Female Empowerment Coach?

As a Female Empowerment Coach, I help women conquer the world by empowering them with the tools to help them overcome any difficulties they are facing in order for them to live a complete life of happiness, fulfillment, and ultimate success. 

What kind of people need coaching?

I believe all people need a coach as a support system to provide them with healthy tools and methods to overcome and thrive in life despite all of its obstacles and hurdles.

What type of people do you coach?

I coach women from all walks of life, of various ages, in all areas of their life. For example, a variety of my clients include women dealing with difficulties in their dating relationships and seeking healthy relationships, some are seeking marriage advice, others are divorced or widowed, all a wide span in age.

Another example of some of my clients are those looking for their purpose in life, and/or in the workforce, or looking for financial increase in their business. Many have hardships and traumas they are looking to overcome from their past. Female Empowerment is ultimate empowerment for the feminine to live the life they truly want and deserve. I help my clients achieve this success. 

What method of coaching do you use?

Strategic Intervention.

What is Strategic Intervention?

Strategic Intervention (also known as SI) is a project dedicated to extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines: Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, Human Needs Psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation, game theory, and others.

The term “Strategic Intervention” was coined by Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, and Mark Peysha to describe their change work. 

Strategic Intervention exists wherever human beings use extraordinary skill to bring about positive personal and cultural change. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi are examples of masterful Strategic Interventionists who transcend the particularities of religion, culture, institution, job description, or political philosophy (as a Strategic Interventionist should.)

What distinguishes SI from other strategic studies is the belief that certain holistic solutions “snap into place” when more people’s needs are met, expressed, and elevated. These solutions actually deliver more benefit for less effort.

Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha are the founders of Strategic Intervention Coaching. They have been powerfully influenced by the great insights and works of Victor Frankl and Milton Erickson’s creative breakthroughs in human intervention.

Strategic Intervention is also grounded in the work of the Gregory Bateson group at the Mental Research Institute, which in the late 1950’s originated the new paradigm of interactional and systemic studies, which became a watershed in the development of disciplines such as game theory, cybernetics, neurolinguistics, organizational psychology, management psychology, and dozens of other systemic disciplines.

The goal of Strategic Intervention is to integrate the core insights of these traditions into a method of practical strategic action. SI encompasses strategies that span from the belief systems and emotional patterns within an individual, to individual relationships, to group dynamics, to organizational and cultural interventions. 

How much do you charge for coaching sessions?

Pricing depends on each clients particular set of needs and whether or not the coaching will be done via Skype vs. an in-person appointment. It is best to setup an enrollment call before moving forward to insure you are receiving a personalized package or appointment that fits your needs.